This section is about ManagePLUS Gold’s cost accounting (activity-based costing) features. It describes some of the accounting ideas related to income and expense allocation, and shows how to:

ü Turn on the allocation features.
ü Identify classes as cost centers or profit centers.
ü View allocation detail columns in the Chart of Accounts and Classes windows.
ü Use drag-and-drop to create formulas for allocating:
· account balances to cost centers and profit centers,
· cost center amounts to profit centers
· profit center amounts to other profit centers.
ü Get a Profit Analysis report for any cost center or profit center.
ü Send allocation transactions to QuickBooks.
ü Reuse your allocation formulas in another accounting period.

“But I don’t have ManagePLUS Gold…or do I?”

The allocation features are only available in ManagePLUS Gold, and not in standard ManagePLUS. However, anyone can try out the ManagePLUS Gold features at any time:

· ManagePLUS and ManagePLUS Gold are part of the same software package. If you are using ManagePLUS, all you need for trying ManagePLUS Gold is a different registration code to “unlock” the ManagePLUS Gold features.
· If you are working through this tutorial using a 30-day free trial of ManagePLUS you already have access to ManagePLUS Gold features, because the free trial enables all features of standard ManagePLUS and ManagePLUS Gold.
· If you are using ManagePLUS but your free trial has expired and you would like to try ManagePLUS Gold, please contact us. We can send you a free temporary registration code for trying ManagePLUS Gold, good for 30 days.
· Upgrading from ManagePLUS to ManagePLUS Gold is easy because there’s no new software to install. If you purchase an upgrade, we will just send a new registration code for you to enter in ManagePLUS, giving you immediate access to all of the ManagePLUS Gold features with no additional effort on your part.

Tutorials: Cost Centers, Profit Centers, and Allocation