The Reports > Profit & Loss submenu provides commands for creating several variations of the Profit & Loss report.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks starblue Reports > Profit & Loss submenu Many minor—and not so minor!—variations are possible for each report, through the report’s Modify Report dialog.

Reports > Profit & Loss submenu options:


Active Accounting Period

Opens a new report tab and creates a Profit & Loss report based on all transactions within the active accounting period.

Profit & Loss reports show income and expenses for a specific period of time (an accounting period), so they show the amount of money you’ve made during that period. ManagePLUS’ Profit & Loss reports additionally can include quantities bought and sold, for income and expense accounts included in the report.


Active Accounting Period, by 8

Leads to the


Active Accounting Period, quick reports 8

Leads to the


Menu Help

Opens a Help window with explanations of the items in this menu.

Reports > Profit & Loss submenu