The Transactions to Refresh dialog lets you choose the transactions (or more correctly, the transaction dates) to refresh from QuickBooks.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks qstranstorefresh3 Transactions to Refresh dialog


Accessing it

· Click on the Refresh button in the toolbar of the Transaction window.

Using it

For several practical reasons, ManagePLUS refreshes (imports) transactions from QuickBooks in calendar-month “chunks”. This dialog lets you choose which months to refresh.

This dialog also provides information to help you decide which chunks to refresh. The Last Refreshed column shows the date on which each month’s transactions were last refreshed. The Outdated button selects (check marks) all transaction chunks which were refreshed more than “X “days ago, where X is the number of days you have set in Preferences for deciding when a month’s transactions should be considered outdated and in need of being refreshed.

The All and None buttons provide a quick way to select all transactions to be refreshed, or none of them, respectively.

Usually, the quickest way to select months is to click on one of the buttons (All, Outdated, or None) then check/un-check other individual months if desired.

Notes & Highlights

· You can either use a mouse click or the Spacebar to check mark individual months.
· The Transactions to Refresh dialog only lists transaction “chunks” for the current active accounting period. To refresh other transactions, you need to make a different accounting period the active period.

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