Here are Preferences dialog settings available in the Company category, on the Options page.

Company Options

Company name

This is the company name as retrieved from QuickBooks. It is for information only and cannot be edited here.

Company name for reports

This field defaults to the company name (see above), but you may optionally edit the name for display on reports.

Memo prefix for allocation transactions

ManagePLUS Gold only. Whatever you enter here will appear at the beginning of Memo fields in allocation transactions created by ManagePLUS Gold. The default is “Allocate “. (Note the trailing space, which is necessary for separating the prefix from other text in the Memo field.)

Also, you may delete the contents of this field if you want no Memo prefix text in allocation transactions.

Use account numbers

Like its similarly-named QuickBooks counterpart, this preference item turns on/off the display of account numbers throughout ManagePLUS.

If this item is check marked but you don’t see account numbers in ManagePLUS:

· Be sure the Use account numbers preference is turned on in QuickBooks.
· You must have assigned account numbers to your accounts in QuickBooks, or none will show up in ManagePLUS.
· Refresh the ManagePLUS Chart of Accounts.
· If any report tabs are open, Refresh them as well.

Enable advanced quantity handling

Selecting this option causes ManagePLUS to:

· Extract quantity information from the Memo or Description field of transactions, as they are refreshed from QuickBooks.
· Support entering two quantities in your QuickBooks transactions.
· Support entering quantities as mathematical formulas which remain part of a transaction’s Memo or Description field.

See the How-to Procedures topic, Using the advanced quantity handling features.

Preferences dialog > Company > Options