The Open Company dialog lets you open ManagePLUS companies, add new companies to ManagePLUS, and do company maintenance.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks dlgopencompany3 Open Company dialog


Accessing it

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks tlbar main open2 Open Company dialog

Click on the Open button in the main toolbar, or select File > Open Company… from the main menu.


Company selection box

This is where you’ll usually select a ManagePLUS company to open, from among a list of prior-opened companies. Also, if you want to do maintenance on a company you must select it in this list first, before clicking on the Company Maintenance button.

Company Name
& Location

Displays the company name, and the path to the ManagePLUS company’s corresponding QuickBooks file. Note this is not the path to the ManagePLUS company file. The QuickBooks file’s path (location) can be important for identifying which file you’re working with, when two QuickBooks files have the same file name but are located in different folders on your computer.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks dlgopencompanyopenbtn Open Company dialog

Opens the ManagePLUS company that is selected (highlighted) in the company selection box.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks dlgopencompanyaddnewbtn Open Company dialog

Adds a new ManagePLUS company, by establishing a connection with an existing QuickBooks company.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks dlgopencompanymaintbtn Open Company dialog

Displays a menu of commands for performing maintenance on the ManagePLUS company that is selected (highlighted) in the company selection box. These commands are rarely used, but available if you need them for the special situations described below.

Quick reconnect to QuickBooks…

This “reconnects” the ManagePLUS company that’s selected (highlighted) in the company selection box,with the company that’s currently open in QuickBooks.

Use this command if you’ve changed the company name of a company in QuickBooks, or you’ve renamed the company (.QBW) file or moved it to a different folder, and you need to inform ManagePLUS of the change.

This command is also available from the Preferences dialog, as one of the Company commands.

Full reconnect (run Connection Wizard)…

This “reconnects” the ManagePLUS company that’s selected (highlighted) in the company selection box,with a QuickBooks company.

This command has a similar effect to the Quick reconnect command described above, except that this one invokes the Connection Wizard, where you may verify or change several settings related to the connection between the ManagePLUS company and its corresponding QuickBooks company.

This command is also available from the Preferences dialog, as one of the Company commands.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks starblue Open Company dialog “Why would I ever need to reconnect to QuickBooks?”

ManagePLUS identifies QuickBooks companies by (1) their company name, and (2) the folder where the company (.QBW) file is located. So if you change a company’s name in QuickBooks or move the company’s .QBW file to a different folder, ManagePLUS will consider it to be a different company even though it really isn’t.

When this happens, you need to inform ManagePLUS about the company’s new name or location by using one of the reconnect commands—either quick reconnect or full reconnect will do the job.

If you fail to do this, ManagePLUS won’t be able to refresh lists or transactions from QuickBooks because it won’t “find” the appropriate QuickBooks company file.


This reverts the selected (highlighted) ManagePLUS company to it’s most recent prior version—i.e., to the files and data which existed at the time of your most recent ManagePLUS version upgrade.

The main purpose of this command is to revert the structure of the company’s data files, to allow using them with the prior version of ManagePLUS. It is necessary only when a ManagePLUS software upgrade has caused errors and you want to revert to using your previous version of ManagePLUS until the software problem has been fixed.

This command:

· Generally is used only at the recommendation of technical support.
· Is used after re-installing the old ManagePLUS version.
· Is not a substitute for making backup copies of your ManagePLUS data! The reverted-to files will only be current as of the date you first opened the company with a newer version of ManagePLUS. This command returns the structure of a ManagePLUS company’s files to their prior state, but cannot restore the data you’ve added or changed since then.
· No QuickBooks data is reverted; only ManagePLUS data for the company.


This deletes the selected (highlighted) ManagePLUS company.

· No QuickBooks data will be deleted; only the ManagePLUS company file(s).
· If a company is open in ManagePLUS you won’t be allowed to delete it. Close the company first; then you may delete it.

Zip & send  (to technical support)…

This creates compressed (.Zip file) copies of the ManagePLUS data for for the selected (highlighted) company, then gives you the option of creating an email containing the files, for sending to technical support.

The main purpose of this command is to make it easy to send a copy of your ManagePLUS company files, when requested by technical support. (But if you understand .Zip files and their use, you probably recognize that the created files are an additional form of backup for your ManagePLUS data.)

· If the company you want to copy is currently open in ManagePLUS you’ll be required to close it first, before continuing.
· Only ManagePLUS files are included in the .Zip files. Your QuickBooks company file will not be included; however, your ManagePLUS data does the transactions and lists (accounts, classes, etc.) you’ve  refreshed from QuickBooks.

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