The ManagePLUS Registration dialog is where you may enter a User ID and Registration Code to “unlock” the trial version of ManagePLUS as a licensed version of the product.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks dlgmpregistration2 ManagePLUS Registration dialog


Accessing it

· Choose Help > Enter Registration Code… from the main menu,
· Click on the Register button from any window where you are informed that the ManagePLUS trial period or temporary registration is about to expire.
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks arrow r ManagePLUS Registration dialog If you are running Microsoft Windows Vista, you may also get a User Account Control (UAC) prompt asking whether you will allow Flagship Technologies Software Application to access your computer. You must select Allow to continue with registration.

Using it

After ManagePLUS is installed, it runs in “trial version” mode until either the end of the trial period (normally 30 days) or you decide to purchase a software license for it. If you purchase a software license you will receive a User ID and Registration Code. These must be entered in the ManagePLUS program, in the dialog shown above, to register the program as a licensed copy:

User ID Enter the User ID exactly as it is provided to you.

 A User ID must be entered in its entirety, including the part which describes the number of licenses purchased, if that part is present. For example, if your User ID is provided as:


 you would enter it this way:

 ManagePLUS for QuickBooks dlgmpregistrationuserid ManagePLUS Registration dialog

Registration Code Enter the Registration Code exactly as it is provided to you.

When you’re finished, click on the Register button to save the codes in ManagePLUS and complete the registration.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks warnred ManagePLUS Registration dialog Do not provide your User ID and Registration Code to anyone!

· Providing your codes to anyone who is not authorized to use them is a breach of the license agreement for this product.
· Anyone else who uses your codes is committing software piracy and is breaking the law.
· Your User ID is displayed prominently in the background of the ManagePLUS main window when no data windows or report windows are open. It also appears on the main tab in the About dialog. So any installation of the software which uses your codes is directly traceable to you, your business, or your organization.

Notes & Highlights

· In some instances a temporary Registration Code may be issued. If you receive a temporary code, enter it the same as described above for a regular Registration Code.
A temporary code expires at the end of a specific period of time, after which the program becomes “locked” and cannot be run without entering a different Registration Code.

ManagePLUS Registration dialog