The Edit Report Style dialog lets you edit the attributes of a style—things like typeface, font size, background color, etc.—to control the appearance of part of a ManagePLUS report.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks dlgeditreportstyle3 Edit Report Style dialog


Accessing it

1. Click in a cell of a report spreadsheet, to select a part of the report for which you want to change formatting (appearance).
2. Either click on the Format button in the report’s toolbar or right-click on the cell, to display a menu of the styles you may edit. The styles listed in this menu depend on which cell of the spreadsheet is currently selected.
3. Select the style you want to edit.
The Edit Report Style dialog will open, to let you edit the attributes of the style you’ve selected.

Using it

· See the Quick Start Basics topic Creating and printing a report for more details on formatting reports, including using the Modify Report dialog.

Notes & Highlights

· Styles often control the appearance of several related columns or rows in a report. Column styles usually affect adjacent columns, or columns of the same type. Row styles usually affect “bands” of adjacent rows which may recurr throughout the report.
· Your style settings are automatically saved “by report category”. This means certain styles are shared by all reports of a common type or category, so editing a style in one report may affect that same style in other related reports. For example, setting the background color of a style for class rows in a report will normally cause the same color to be applied to class rows in other reports.

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