ManagePLUS Gold displays the Circular Reference Error window when your allocation formulas contain a circular reference.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks dlgcircreferror2 Circular Reference Error window


Accessing it

ManagePLUS Gold automatically displays this window when it detects a circular reference in your allocation formulas.

Using it

· The purpose of this window is to show you the cells involved in a circular reference so that you may edit their allocation formula to fix the problem.
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks arrow r Circular Reference Error window Because of how information is gathered for this window, it cannot always list all of the cells involved in the circular reference. Still, it always indicates at least one of the cells.
· You may leave this window open while you’re editing allocation formulas, and may move it out of your way to any location on the screen.

Notes & Highlights

· When ManagePLUS encounters a circular reference during calculation of allocation formulas, it must stop calculation. When it does, it displays this window to give you clues about the cells involved in the circular reference and attempts to list all of the cells in the “chain” of formulas causing the circular reference.
· Usually only one cell’s formula needs to be changed to fix a circular reference error, regardless of how many cells are shown in the list.

Circular Reference Error window