The About dialog provides various kinds of information about the ManagePLUS program, plus some features for diagnosing program problems.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks dlgabout2 About dialog


Accessing it

· Select Help > About ManagePLUS… from the main menu.


Tabs along the top of the window give you access to these features:

About Shown above. Displays ManagePLUS program version, copyright, and licensing information.
Release Notes Displays a copy of the Release Notes, which describe various last-minute topics related to the current installation of ManagePLUS—things like program installation and compatibility notes, etc.
Support Provides quick access to various ManagePLUS support resources.
License Displays the software license for the current installation of ManagePLUS.
Diagnostics Provides access to various diagnostic tools which technical support personnel may ask you to use, to help diagnose a problem.
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks warnred About dialog Don’t use the diagnostic tools unless asked to do so by technical support. They may slow program performance or have other side effects which affect program operation.

About dialog