The Classes window displays a copy of the Classes list obtained from QuickBooks. It provides columns where you can associate management quantities with individual classes. In ManagePLUS Gold it also lets you designate classes as cost centers or profit centers, and enter allocation formulas for them.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks refwinclasses Classes window


Accessing it

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks tlbar main classes2 Classes window

Click on the Classes button in the main toolbar, or select Lists > Classes from the main menu.

Using it

· See the Quick Start Basics topic Adding management quantities (Classes example) for details about using this window.
· The A Mgmt Qty and B Mgmt Qty columns let you enter management quantities that will be used for per-unit analysis of revenues and expenses associated with classes, such as labor hours, miles driven, amounts of production, tenant-months, etc. You may supply one or both management quantities for any class, or none at all (they’re optional).
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks arrow r Classes window Though entering management quantities is optional, reports like the Profit and Loss with Classes report aren’t very useful without them!

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks starblue Classes window

A management quantities example, using classes…

A farmer has a class named Corn in his QuickBooks Class list. He has tagged corn sales and expenses (for seed, fertilizer, herbicides, etc.) with that class as he entered checks, deposits, sales receipts, and bills transactions in QuickBooks.

He produced 142,000 bushels of corn on 1,000 acres this year, and he would like to see reports showing per-bushel and per-acre expenses for Corn. So on the Corn row of the Classes window in ManagePLUS he enters “142000″ and “bu.” for A Mgmt Qty, and “1000″ and “acre” for B Mgmt Qty.

Then he prepares a ManagePLUS Profit and Loss with Classes report. It automatically uses the management quantities he entered here, to show sales and expense information for the Corn class on a per-bushel and per-acre basis.

· Allocation Information columns (ManagePLUS Gold) display data related to allocating income and expense to cost centers and profit centers, and also let you enter or edit formulas for doing the allocation.
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks starblue Classes window See the Data window columns reference for details on individual Allocation Information columns.
· Whenever you’ve made changes to the Classes list in QuickBooks, be sure to refresh the copy in ManagePLUS by clicking on the Refresh button in the toolbar.

Notes & Highlights

· If you need information about using classes in QuickBooks, see the Enabling and using classes in QuickBooks topic.
· You cannot add or delete classes here. The ManagePLUS Classes list is only a copy of the one in QuickBooks, so any class additions, deletions, or editing must be done in QuickBooks, in the “master copy” of the list. Afterwards, be sure to refresh the copy in ManagePLUS.

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