Here is a quick guide to features of the ManagePLUS main window.

ManagePLUS Main Window

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks uiworkarea2 The main window

Main menu

The main menu is a source of program-wide commands.

Main toolbar & buttons

Buttons on the main toolbar give you quick access to program-wide commands, such as opening or selecting a particular tab. You may right click on the toolbar to customize it in various ways.

Data window tabs

These tabs give you quick access to the windows you have open. Click on a specific tab to go to its window, which may display a QuickBooks list, or transactions, or a report.

Tab toolbar & buttons

Each tabbed window also has its own toolbar. Buttons on this toolbar access commands which work only on the contents of that tab.

Tab list button

Click on this button to display a list of the open tabs, then select from the list to go to a particular tab.

Close-tab button

Clicking this button closes the current tab.

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