ManagePLUS has a Preferences dialog where you can edit many of the program’s settings.

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks starblue Preferences dialog To open the Preferences dialog, select Edit > Preferences from the main menu.

Preferences Dialog Layout

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks uiprefswindow2 Preferences dialog

Select a category here

The group bar along the left side of the window lets you select a preferences category to work with.

Category pages

Select a page to work with, from the category’s page list.

Show/hide category pages list (button)

Clicking this button in a category’s heading lets you show/hide the page list for that category.

Panel color matches category

The panel color at the top of each page is a reminder of the category you’re working with.

“Help bubbles”

ManagePLUS has help bubbles at various locations. Hovering the mouse cursor over a help bubble displays a pop-up hint with information about the adjacent feature.

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