This Help system is designed to be used on-screen. It is extensively cross-linked to help you find what you need by clicking on a link to jump from any topic to a related topic.

The Basics

Visual Cues

The following type styles and images are used throughout this help system to convey special meaning:

File > Open Indicates a series of menu selections. (The “>” character separates the individual menu items to be selected.) This example means to select File from the main menu, then select Open from its submenu.
Ctrl-R Indicates a key or keys to be pressed. This example means to press the “R” key while holding down the Ctrl (Control) key.
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks weblink About this Help system Downloads Links preceded by a small “earth” graphic are links to a Web page on the Internet. Clicking on the link will open the page in your Web browser.
c:Program Files This type style describes a file or folder “path”, such as the location of a file on your hard drive.
Show hints This type style is used when describing text in a window or dialog, either in ManagePLUS, or QuickBooks, or another program such as a Web browser.

Getting help while working in ManagePLUS

· To open this Help system while working in ManagePLUS, select Help from the main menu, or press the F1 key, or click on one of the Help buttons which are available in most pop-up windows.

Printed and Online Versions of this Help System

· If you prefer a printed manual, a printable version of this Help system is available. See the Getting a printed User’s Guide section of the Learning ManagePLUS topic.
· An online version of this Help system is available on our Web site. Click on the following link or type it into your Web browser (Internet Explorer, or Firefox, etc.) to access the Web-based Help:

ManagePLUS for QuickBooks weblink About this Help system

How Help is Arranged

The Introduction, ManagePLUS Window Basics and Tutorials: Quick Start Basics sections give new users a quick introduction to the basics of using ManagePLUS.

Later sections such as How-To Procedures and others provide more advanced information and technical details. Once you’ve learned the basics, be sure to at least browse through those sections for a glimpse of the many additional features not described in the tutorials.


This Help system is in an almost continuous state of being updated as ManagePLUS development moves forward. Therefore the information and descriptions in it do not necessarily represent the features or operating characteristics of the current release of ManagePLUS. While the information is basically correct as a resource for learning and using ManagePLUS, it is certain to contain errors and omissions. Some features present in ManagePLUS may not be described here at all, while other features which are described may no longer a part of the ManagePLUS product or may not yet be included in it.

If you have any questions or doubts about the accuracy of any information in this document, please contact us for clarification and/or correction of the information.

About this Help system