ManagePLUS can work with standard QuickBooks transactions just as you normally would enter them. But it also supports additional quantity information in transactions if you want, for more robust management information and reporting than are possible with QuickBooks alone.

This section describes:

· You must enable the advanced quantity handling feature in Preferences before ManagePLUS will make use of additional quantity information in your QuickBooks transactions.
· You can enter quantity information on QuickBooks forms which have no Quantity column, such as the Deposits form.
ü Entering two quantities in transactions.
· You can enter both a “count”the number of items bought or sold—and the “weight” or “volume” of those items, and ManagePLUS provides expanded reports based on this information. (By itself, QuickBooks supports only a single quantity in transactions.)
· Instead of entering a quantity as a discreet “number” you can optionally enter it as a formula that remains a permanent part of the transaction, in its Memo or Description field. This provides useful descriptive information that stays with the transaction and also lets you more easily catch quantity-entry errors when reviewing transactions later.

Using the advanced quantity handling features