Some grids give you control over the order of their data—how it is sorted.

Sorting by one column

To sort by any column of a grid:

· Click once on the column’s header.
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks arrow r Sorting grids Avoid clicking toward the right side of the column header, or you might unintentionally invoke the column’s filtering button.

 If the column supports sorting, (1) the grid will immediately be sorted into order based on that column’s data, and (2) the column’s header will display a sort order indicator:  a small triangle that points upward when the column is sorted in forward alphabetical order, and downward when the column is sorted in reverse order.

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To reverse the sort order:

· Click on the column’s header again.
ManagePLUS for QuickBooks starblue Sorting grids Clicking a column’s header toggles between forward and reverse sorting based on that column.

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Is sorting too slow?


Sorting may slow down somewhat if you’re working with a very large set of transaction records. You can speed it up by filtering first, to reduce the number of records you’re working with, then sorting.

Sorting by multiple columns

You may sort a grid by several columns at once. Sorting is based on the order in which you select the columns. The first column determines the primary sort order. The second column controls sorting only within ranges of rows were the first column’s data values are all the same, and so on, for each column you select.

To sort by multiple columns:

1. Select the first (primary) column for the sort by clicking on its header as described above.
2. Hold down the Shift key and continue holding it down as you select other columns to sort by.

 Note that you can click on a column header a second time to reverse its sort order, before moving on to select the next column.

3. Release the Shift key.

To cancel multi-column sorting:

· Click on any column header without holding down the Shift key.

 This defines a new sort order based on the (single) column header you clicked.

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You can sort grouped columns too!


Column headers in the grouping panel respond to sorting commands the same as if they were still in the grid. You can perform all of the sorting commands described in this topic on column headings in the grouping panel.

Sorting grids